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Chart Legend

94.9 CHRW Charts for the week ending March 13, 2012


94.9 CHRW Top 30


TW LW Artist Title Label
1 14 TV Freaks CanCon TV Freaks Self-Released
2 10 The Soupcans CanCon Erotic Nightmare Self-Released
3 -- Zeus CanCon Band Website Busting Visions Arts & Crafts Label Website
4 2 Cousins CanCon Band Website The Palm At The End Of The Mind Saved By Vinyl Label Website
5 3 Of Montreal Band Website Paralytic Stalks Polyvinyl Label Website
6 -- Teenanger CanCon Band Website Frights Self-Released
7 -- Said The Whale CanCon Band Website Little Mountain Hidden Pony Label Website
8 27 The Balconies CanCon Band Website Kill Count Self-Released
9 7 The Black Keys Band Website El Camino Nonesuch Label Website
10 re Honheehonhee CanCon Shouts Self-Released
11 re John K. Samson CanCon Provincial Anti- Label Website
12 12 Sonic Avenues CanCon Band Website Television Youth Dirtnap Label Website
13 25 Marine Dreams CanCon Marine Dreams You've Changed Label Website
14 8 Islands CanCon Band Website A Sleep & A Forgetting Anti- Label Website
15 29 The Diodes CanCon Action/Reaction Bongo Beat Label Website
16 1 TOPPS CanConLocal Leaf Bobby Fischer (single) Self-Released
17 -- Hunx Hairdresser Blues Hardly Art Label Website
18 -- Ketamines CanCon Band Website Spaced Out Southpaw Label Website
19 -- Rococode CanCon Band Website Guns Sex & Glory Head In The Sand Label Website
20 -- The Mallard Yes In Blood Castleface
21 -- catl CanCon Band Website Soon This Will All Be Gone Self-Released
22 -- Grimes CanCon Band Website Visions Arbutus Label Website
23 re Heartless Bastards Arrow Partisan Label Website
24 re The British Columbians CanCon Made For Darker Things Rural
25 18 Dirty Ghosts CanCon Metal Moon Last Gang Label Website
26 re Colleen Brown CanCon Dirt Self-Released
27 re Cuff The Duke CanCon Band Website Morning Comes Paper Bag Label Website
28 19 First Aid Kit Band Website The Lion's Roar Wichita Label Website
29 9 Dr. Dog Band Website Be The Void Anti- Label Website
30 -- Tindersticks The Something Rain Constellation Label Website












































































































































































































































































































































































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