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Click on the icon of the player you want to use
(if you have problems, look below for some tips)

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Or check out Ustream....

Some solutions to common questions are listed below - it's not a complete list of all options for all players or Operating Systems but you may find help.   If you  experience other problems or have questions,  please email with a description of the problem and what media player you are using.  We'll try to find a solution.  Thanks!

Player Questions

If iTunes is NOT your default player but you wish  to listen via iTunes:
1.Open iTunes
2. Go to Advanced, then Open Streams
3. Copy and paste this URL into the box or this URL and click OK

If Winamp is NOT your default player but you wish to listen via Winamp:
1. Open Winamp
2. Right click near the top of the player
3. Go to Play, then URL and copy and paste this URL
in the box and click Open

Buffering Questions

When streaming  files from various websites or radio stations, you may have come across instances where the stream stops for a few seconds (a buffer underrun).   When this happens, the player  must re-buffer, or acquire, more of the stream  from the Internet.   While breaks in Internet access can normally occur, if you notice underruns happening very often, you can configure a player so it buffers more of the stream before playback.  This may cause you to wait a few more seconds before the initial  stream begins, but once the music plays, it is less likely to stop during the broadcast.   If you're doing this at work you may be restricted from being able to make these changes by your IT department - ask one of the friendly ones to help you out.  Here are instructions for common players - if you have a different version you may have to look around but it will similar to these...

If you use iTunes...
1. Open iTunes, choose, "Edit", then "Preference"
2. Choose the "Advanced" tab
3. About half-way down you will see "Streaming Buffer Size", open it and choose "Large"
4. Click "OK".
5. Close iTunes and restart it
6. Restart streaming

If you use Windows Media Player
1. Open Windows Media Player
2. Click on "Tools", then "Options"
3. Choose the "Performance" tab
4. If it's set to "Use default buffering" but its buffering to often, try click the "Buffer" button and putting in "10" seconds of content.
5. Choose "Apply" and "OK"
6. Close Windows Media Player and restart it.
7. Restart the stream, if it doesn't improve, try increasing the amount of "content".

If you use Winamp
1. Right-click the Winamp 5 title bar, choosing "Options" - "Preferences".
2. Click "Input" underneath "Plug-ins".
3. Double-click "Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder".
4. When the "MPEG audio decoder settings" multi-tabbed dialog box appears, click the "Streaming" tab.
5. Move the "Streaming Prebuffer" slider all the way to 100%.
6. Click "OK" to close the settings dialog box.
7. Click "Close" to close the preferences dialog box.


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