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The London Music Archives - 1986

Wave From The Grave

* denotes London Bands

The Purple Toads - Gonna Have A Good Time
3d Invisibles - Roll Over In Your Grave
The Monstereos - My Mommy Was A Teenage Mummy
*Feast Of The Mau Maus - Feast Of The Mau Maus
*Boy From Nowhere - Dynamite
The Ten Commandments - Unchain My Heart
The Dwarves - Be A Caveman
*The Flying Squad - Health Food
*Uranus - Ka Ka Ska
*Bill Barr - At The Brunswick
*UIC - Bomb Boys
The Raymen - I'm A Hillbilly Werewolf
Modern Innocence - Alive Alive
*The Sci-phonics - All By Myself
*Vee Gates - Halfway There
Shark Graffiti - People's Closets
*The Legend Killers - Bertha-lou
Psychotic Youth - Faster Faster
Psychotic Youth - Let's Talk About Girls
The Purple Toads - 40 Pounder Blues
*Nosmo King Jr - I Can't Hear You

June '86

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